Are you thinking of buying a property?

Buying a home can be one of the biggest commitments you will make in life so you need to make sure that everything is done correctly and smoothly.

We strive towards delivering a top class service which we believe is second to none. When buying a new home, we offer help and assistance with all aspects of the process and aim to deliver the service that every home owner desires.

Please feel free to call us so we discuss your requirements but below are some basic tips to help prepare towards buying your new home.  Rest assured that we are always here to help you and are only a phone call away.

1. Finances

Get your finances organised on time and bear in mind all the additional costs of buying a house: 

  • Mortgage arrangement fee
  • Mortgage indemnity fee
  • Lender's valuation fee
  • Conveyancing
  • Land Registry fee
  • Surveys
  • Stamp duty land tax
  • Removals (unwanted things on the property)
  • Contingency fund (there are always unexpected costs along the way)
  • Building and contents insurance

2. Property finding

When looking for properties don"t be shy and ask questions.

You may be looking to ask: 

  • Where are the local transport links?
  • How far are the local parks?
  • Where are the closest shops?
  • When was the property previously sold?
  • What is the council tax band of the property?
  • Does the property have; double glazing, modernised insulation, fully fitted central heating etc?
  • How long is left on the lease?
  • How much is the service charge and ground rent if any?

3. Offers

Don't delay in making any offers; in today's market you could lose your potential house in the blink of an eye. Don't be surprised if your first offer is rejected, property buying is all about negotiation.

4. Agents & Solicitors

Get yourself a good and efficient solicitor to make sure the sale process goes smoothly throughout the entire sale. Keep in touch with your agents and solicitors to get continuous updates from them. 


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